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Employee Handbook from Accurate Payroll Systems of Macomb Michigan
21 Aug


Some of our employees have been careless on the job and broken company property. Can we deduct the cost of replacing the broken items from their paychecks?

Probably not. Many states have imposed significant limitations on what kinds of things employers can take a deduction for, and often the deduction also requires employee consent. In addition, most
Online Training with Accurate Pay Systems, Inc.
4 Jul


Three Tips to Make Online Training Successful Long Term

Online trainings can be a useful tool for developing talent, but they can also end up being a waste of time and resources, even if the content and presentation are
Key Practices to Keep the Workplace Safe from Accurate Pay Systems
8 Mar


Key Practices to Keep the Workplace Safe

In 1970, when Richard Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act into law, an estimated 14,000 workers were killed on the job every year. Fifty years later, that number