Past Payroll Tax Discrepancies

Payroll Tax Problems? APS has the answers!

Payroll ​Taxes ​are ​complex ​and ​when ​there ​are ​issues ​correcting ​them ​can ​be ​challenging.

Late ​payments ​and ​filings ​can ​result ​in ​agency ​notices, ​fees, ​penalties, ​and ​interest. Amendments ​may ​also ​be ​necessary ​if ​tax ​filings ​have ​been ​completed. ​Unfortunately, ​any ​fees, penalties ​or ​interest ​due ​to ​the ​agency ​will ​be ​your ​responsibility ​as ​the ​business ​owner.

If your company is receiving letters from the IRS or State Agencies and you’re not sure what to do call APS now.

APS has an experienced staff that will contact the government agencies and do the research for you to complete the IRS or State Agencies missing filings or deposits.

By doing the research and finding out the root of the problem APS can submit the correct payroll returns, ​file ​amendments, ​and ​write ​letters ​to ​the ​appropriate ​agency ​to ​fix ​your ​tax ​issues ​and get your company back to good standing.

This is a service that few payroll companies offer. That is why Accurate Pay Systems is SE Michigan’s premier Payroll provider