Business Services

APS provides a wide variety and extremely comprehensive payroll services for all sizes and types of businesses. Explore the list below to find out more about how we can immediately help you ensure your success.

multiple payroll solutions macomb and Oakland county

Multiple Payroll Platforms

Efficient, accurate payroll and tax services.

payroll tax compliance services macomb and Oakland county

Payroll and Tax Compliance

Full Tax Services – include federal, state and local tax filing and payment. All applicable payroll tax returns are filed on your behalf.

past payroll tax accurate pay systems

Past Payroll Tax Discrepancies

Payroll ​Taxes ​are ​complex ​and ​when ​there ​are ​issues ​correcting ​them ​can ​be ​challenging.

New Business Registration

APS provides New Business Registration services for all states.

timekeeping and scheduling Servcies Macomb County

Timekeeping & Scheduling

No need for punch clocks, time cards, or time sheets! APS can replace them all! APS offers a number of time and attendance solutions allowing each business owner to customize which software best fits their needs for both hourly and salary paid personal.

Business Insurance services macomb Oakland county

Business Insurance

APS provides a variety of Insurance Services for your business and employees

employee benefits services

Employee Benefits Services

APS provides a variety of benefits for your business and employees

human resource services macomb Oakland county

Human Resources

Human Resources is more than just hiring and firing employees. It involves staying up-to-date on all federal and state rules and regulations.

Integration – GLI

Save time by utilizing the General Ledger Interface for Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, or Peachtree.

ACH payment services macomb Oakland county

ACH Payments Systems/Merchant Services

A comprehensive suite of payment solutions crafted for developers
and merchants that expands and moves right with you