Payroll & Tax Compliance

APS Offers A High level of Payroll Tax Administration


Full Tax Services – include federal, state and local tax filing and payment. All applicable payroll tax returns are filed on your behalf, including 941’s, 943’s, 940’s, State Unemployment, State Disability and State/Local Withholding returns, W-2’s and 1099’s.


APS and affiliate companies will prepare:

  • 941: Quarterly reconciliation of federal income tax withholding, employer and employee Social Security and Medicare, Earned Income Credit, COBRA Premiums and adjustments for Third Party Sick Pay, Tips and Group-Term Life Insurance.
  • 943: Required for Agricultural Employers. Annual reconciliation of federal income tax withholding and Employer and Employee Social Security and Medicare taxes paid to farm workers.
  • State Unemployment Returns: Quarterly calculation of taxable wages paid, up to state specific wage base limit multiplied by your assigned tax determination rate.
  • State Disability Returns: Quarterly reconciliation for states that mandate employers to remit a disability tax based upon a predetermined rate.
  • State and Local Quarterly Reconciliation: Quarterly detail of wages paid to employees and applicable tax withheld.
  • 940: Annual reconciliation of Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) paid per employee based upon the federal wage base limit and sometimes subject to state unemployment specific factors.
  • State and Local Annual Reconciliation: Annual detail of wages paid to employees and applicable tax withheld.
  • 1099M: Annual reconciliation of wages paid to Independent Contractors and any voluntary federal and state income tax withheld.
  • 1099R: Annual reconciliation of distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit-sharing plans, IRA’s, Insurance Contracts, etc.
  • W-2: Annual reconciliation of federal, FICA, state & local taxable wages and the corresponding tax withheld. Also, denotes dependent care benefits, third party sick pay, retirement contributions and fringe benefits.

Correcting​ ​Past​ ​Payroll​ ​Returns:

Payroll Tax Problems? APS has the answers!

Payroll ​Taxes ​are ​complex ​and ​when ​there ​are ​issues ​correcting ​them ​can ​be ​challenging.

Late ​payments ​and ​filings ​can ​result ​in ​agency ​notices, ​fees, ​penalties, ​and ​interest.
Amendments ​may ​also ​be ​necessary ​if ​tax ​filings ​have ​been ​completed. ​Unfortunately, ​any ​fees,
penalties ​or ​interest ​due ​to ​the ​agency ​will ​be ​your ​responsibility ​as ​the ​business ​owner.

If your company is receiving letters from the IRS or State Agencies and you’re not sure what to
do call APS now.

APS has an experienced staff that will contact the governement agencies and do the research
for you to complete the IRS or State Agencies missing filings or deposits.

By doing the research and finding out the root of the problem APS can submit the correct payroll
returns, ​file ​amendments, ​and ​write ​letters ​to ​the ​appropriate ​agency ​to ​fix ​your ​tax ​issues ​and
get your company back to good standing.

New​ ​Business​ ​Registration:

APS provides New Business Registration services for all states.

If you need to register your new business with the state unemployment agency APS will file all
the necessary paperwork and keep you informed through the process.

Whether you are a new business or expanding in other states APS can assist you with the
set-up process.